Gina Brezini
Dance Project: Blue toesDance Project: PinkDance Project: Painting feetDance Project: Bravely step inDance Project: YellowGreen Feet on Purple One Step at a TimeDance Project: LegsDance Project: Hot Pink ToesDance Project: Step, Turn, PaintDance Project: Light TouchDance Project: Painting FeetDance Project:  White circle, Pink stepsHomage to KandinskiDance Project: Close UpDance Project: Facing the YellowDance Project: Purple DanceDance Project: Artist in Motion
Dance Project
An experimental project which unites Dancing and Painting. A kinetic piece in which the artist explores the transformation of movement into color. The photographs shown here capture various moments during the working process.

This is the first phase of an ongoing project that began in 2006. New variations of the theme are in process of realization.