Gina Brezini
The Gifts of the MoonThe Gifts of the Moon - DETAILDoor to Another RealityDoor to Another Reality - DETAILLife's LessonsLife's Lessons - DETAILThe Face of ForgivenessThe Face of Forgiveness - DETAILSerpent's AlphabetSerpent's Alphabet - DETAILChoice, Not Chance, Determines Your DestinyChoice, Not Chance, Determines Your Destiny- DETAILUrban Rainbows Urban Rainbows - DETAILWar, Peace and a BikeWar, Peace and a Bike - DETAILArt Behind BarsArt Behind Bars - DETAILSacred SunsetSacred Sunset- DETAILThe Secret of the Emerald TabletTrojan Horse
Mixed Media Paintings
Brezini’s paintings incorporate various themes and techniques, linear drawing, intense color and layered surfaces. A kaleidoscopic fusion of impressions and occurrences, they are loaded with symbolic meanings and coded personal memories. Whether in New York, Tokyo or India, the artist often merges urban landscapes with individual stories. Bright colors and visual metaphors reveal images that are simultaneously real and abstract, in which the urban and the human coexist in a mysterious and intricate mosaic.