Gina Brezini
Violins, grass, cases, CDs, bows, acrylic, alkyd, printing blocks, strings, found objects and music
Prayer is a conceptual work spanning 15 x 20 feet. It celebrates the human spirit and evokes images of the sacred OM. This installation is a metaphor for the purifying and transformative essence of art. It depicts sound and music as a vehicle for the sacred union between the Masculine and the Feminine, expressed visually through the receptive circle of the Feminine and the phallic “lingam” of the red violin, penetrating the eternity of Time. As one walks through the installation, the vibration of Tibetan throat singing adds to the experience.

Originally shown at the International Exhibition of Sculpture and Installation in Venice, Italy, September-October 2010. This image shows the work on display in Central Park, New York City.
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